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 Simple Depth Calculation Minimize
Determine the approximate Vertical Depth based on measured depth.
Simple Calculation
This is a very inaccurate calculation. This makes the assumption of a straight line well bore between surface and pump, calculating a simple ratio for the target vertical depth. This is only provided for quick estimates and should not, under any circumstances, be used for anything important. Please use the form to the right to calculate a more accurate value based on the well bore deviation survey.

VD = (MD * PumpTVD) / PumpMD
(VD & MD are the target depths)
 Well Diagram
Pump Vertical Depth: ft.
Pump Measured Depth: ft.
Target Measured Depth: ft.


From Well Bore Profile
This is a more accurate calculation, based on the saved well deviation profile. This is still an estimate, but is far more accurate than the simple calculation to the left.

If your well does not show up in this list, you can add the well bore deviation data here

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 Simple Gravity Calculation Minimize
Specific Gravity Conversions:
API = (141.5 / SG) - 131.5
SG = 141.5 / (131.5 + API)

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